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Convey quantities one through nine utilizing phrases.

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Convey quantities one through nine utilizing phrases.

Convey quantities one through eight using words when they come in text. In footnotes, spell through ninety-nine five out figures zero to nine. In case a sentence includes a checklist with a quantity greater than ninetynine, portrayed in numerals, along with a number from to ninetynine, convey all of the numbers in resume and cover letter Instance: “We acquired 400 pounds of concrete, 9 strengthening rods, and 125 pounds of sand.” Use numbers in the event a decimal point is included by the amount.

Use numerals for anyone rates where substance repeatedly refers to money amounts or rates. Use numerals for portion or different neighborhood figures. The pair invested the day looking at 1- flats. All conventional flats have at the least 3 smoke detectors. Read more…

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