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CO Phonology

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Subject    : English Phonology            Credit Hours    : 2
Status        : Compulsory                        Prerequisite    : Introduction to Linguistics
Code        : SBI 4229                                 Instructor    : Team

I.    Course Objectives
This course is designed to provide the students with knowledge, skills, and appreciation toward English Phonology. It is aimed to present the information in the context of a general theory about speech sounds and how they are used in language. The theoretical material in the present course is necessary for students who need to understand the principles regulating the use of sounds in spoken English.
II.    Course Contents
The materials include some theoretical background of the relation between phonetics and phonology. It covers the mechanisms of speech organs, production of speech sounds, classification of sounds, English phonemes, segmental and supra-segmental phonemes, stress in syllables and words, some demonstration of phonemic and phonetic transcription, problems in phonemic analysis, aspects of connected speech and intonation.
III.    Activities
The class activities will cover lectures, both class and group discussions, presentation, and the solving on phonetics and phonological problems which will be specifically emphasized on the practice of reading and transcribing activities.

IV.    Evaluation
Student’s evaluation will be based on the accumulation of scores comprising of active participation (10%), quizzes (20%), home assignment (15%), mid-term exam (25 %) and final exam (30%). Regular, active, and intelligent participation in class activities will be considered to round up the final grade.
V.    References
1.    Jones, Daniel. 1997. An Outline of English Phonetics. Cambridge University Press, New York.
2.    Roach, Peter. 2000. English Phonetics and Phonology: A Practical Course. Cambridge University Press, New York.
VI.    Meeting Schedule
(2 x 50”)    Topics
1    Introduction  to the English phonology
2    Phonetics, phonology, phoneme. (Chapter 1)

3    The Production of Speech Sounds and Long vowels, diphthongs, and tripthongs
(chapter 2 and 3)

4    Voicing and Consonants (chapter 4)

5    Quiz 1

6    The phoneme and Fricatives and Affricates (chapter 5 and 6)

7      Nasals and Other Consonants (chapter 7)

8    Mid-term Exam

9    The Syllables (chapter 8)

10    Strong and Weak Syllables (chapter 9)

11    Stress in Simple Words Complex  and Word stress (chapter 10 and 11)

12    Quiz 2

13    Weak Forms (chapter 12)

14    Aspects of Connected Speech (chapter 14)

15    Intonations 1-3 (chapter 15-17)
16   Final Exam

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Hello world!

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Selamat Datang di Universitas Brawijaya. Ini adalah posting pertamaku

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